ABC Stored Pressure Type Fire Extinguisher

ISI Mark Abc Stored Type Fire Extinguisher Covers A,B,C Class Of Fires Which Includes Papers, wood, Rubber, Plastic And Inflammable Liquid Like Oil, Petrol, Paints Petrochemical Product, Resins, Gases In The Compressed From Like Oxygen, Acetylenes, LPG And CNG, Electrical And Sophisticated Electrical Equipments

Carbon Dioxide Type Fire Extinguisher

ISI Mark Carbo Di Oxide Type Fir Extinguisher Are Suitable for B And C class of fires involving all inflaamable liquids, gases, live and delicate, machinery fires. this extinguisher is approved by explosive department

Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

ISI Mark Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers Suitable for A,B,C Class Of Fire. Allanne Safety Clean agent fire extinguisher is an excellent option to protect high value property that can be fount in applications such as computer room, hospital, call center, banks, ships

Mechanical Foam (AFFF) Type Fire Extinguisher

ISI Mark Foam Type Fire Extinguisher Is Designed To Extinguish A And B Classs of fire involving wood, paper, cloth, textile, stationery, flammable and volatile liquids, like oil, petrol, kerosene

Water Type Fire Extinguisher

ISI Mark water type fire extinguisher provides safety against A Class of fire which involves materials like wood, paper, cloth, plastic and fiber, rubber etc

Caution :- not to be use on electrical fire